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One More Show?
There have been persistent rumors over the last year or so about the possibility of Ted, Yvonne and Barry getting back together (with Murray head as Pilate?) to do concert performances. If anythig develops, it will be reported in the "News" section.

Touring Production of Jesus Christ Superstar:
Barry rejoined his old friend (now sadly, the late) Carl Anderson for the 2003/2004 North American touring production of JCS. The part of Pilate had already been cast, but Barry was invited on board to play Herod, starting late in 2003. He's got rave reviews for his delightful performance of "Herod's Song" and although the schedule was tiring, he clearly had a lot of fun. He left the tour at the end of 2004 to return to a steadier pace of voice over and other work closer to his home in Hollywood.

JCS Concert, El Paso, TX:
In April 2003, The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) dinner theater celebrated their 20th anniversary with a concert version of JCS featuring Yvonne Elliman and Barry Dennen reprising their roles from the 1973 movie. Lyricist Sir Tim Rice was the guest of honor. Click here for details.

Staying In Touch:
Many people have asked if Barry has remained in contact with any of his fellow actors from the movie or other JCS productions. Here's his answer:

"Everyone get so busy and although you always intend to keep up with everyone, it get so difficult. Every now and again, someone will do a reunion or some other project and our paths will cross again. For instance, the concert in Texas brought Yvonne, Tim and I back together. Then I caught up with Carl again when we did the current tour together (Carl unfortunately had to leave the touring production for health reasons). Murray Head and I wrote this piece called Diminishing Perspectives which may finally be released on CD, some twenty-odd years after we wrote it so there may be some renewed contact there.
It's always a lot of fun finding out what everyone's been up to and I know that many of my old friends have found me again because of my website."



Carl Anderson, Barry Dennen & Sam Harris.
A stage production in Santa Barbara during
the late 80's.
(Judas, Pilate and Jesus
never actually appear on stage together).

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