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Jesus Christ Superstar was developed into a movie script that was shot in the winter of 1972 under the watchful eye of director Norman Jewison. The screenplay was written by Melvyn Bragg after an initial draft by lyricist Tim Rice (who had envisaged a Ben Hur type epic) was rejected. A new song, "Could We Start Again Please?" was written for the movie because it was thought the characters of Mary and Peter needed more screen time.

Much has been written about the making of the movie and some of it is nothing more than urban legend (such as the myth about the sky turning black during the filming of the crucifixion scene). At BarryDennen.com, we have been fortunate enough to be able to gather first-hand accounts of the filming from most of the principal actors, including some irreplaceable gems from the late Carl Anderson. This section of the site will be updated periodically with reminiscinces from the main players.

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