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In the early 1960's, Barry Dennen was part of a group of aspiring actors and actresses in New York City. Following a chance meeting, he fell in love and for a while, shared his life (and an apartment) with a girl whose voice would eventually make her a living legend. In his book, My Life With Barbra: A Love Story, Barry lovingly recounts his early life with Barbra Streisand, and his role in creating her very first cabaret act.

One of the few books about her early life written by someone who was actually there, this is a must-have for Barbra and Barry fans alike. Contains never-before-published photos and sketches.

Published in 1997 by Prometheus Books.


This is the most wonderful book! I just couldn't put it down. Wait till you read My Life with Barbra. It's funny, it's sexy, it's amazingly honest, and it's the first book about Barbra written by an insider, somebody who was right there from the very beginning and saw it all. I can't recomend it enough. - Joan Rivers

Copies available, signed by Barry Dennen, in the merchandise section.

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