BATMAN (TV show) - The Great Train Robbery

Character: Fernando Ricardo Enrique Domingez (FRED), a Mexican bandit with a British accent.

"I don't really remember how I got this job - I probably just auditioned for it. I was very young because it was before I went to England (1967 or earlier). This was one of the first jobs I ever had in Hollywood. For some reason, they wanted a Mexican-looking guy who could speak with an English accent. Deanna Merrill and Cliff Robertson were married at the time (her family were co-founders of the Merrill Lynch accounting firm). I also got along really well with Hermione Baddeley and she was kind enough to invite me to her home on Coldwater Canyon. Hermione was a remarkable actress who did some superb work both in serious and comedy roles. Burt Ward, who played Robin seemed to be a troubled individual. I don't know why but he was very aloof and wouldn't even speak to the guest actors on the show. Fame had probably gone to his head. He would appear on the set at the last minute, do the shot, then disappear. On the other hand, Adam West who played Batman was a very nice man and in fact our paths crossed again many years later when we were both auditioning for a TV commercial. The Batman series was really tough on the actors. It's the kind of stuff that drives actors crazy because it's very difficult to follow. None of the lead actors ever did much after that".