MURDER, SHE WROTE - The Wearing of the Green

Character: A nervous tax attorney who's been asked to handle a criminal case.

"Angela Lansbury's sister was married to Peter Ustinov, and I knew their daughter, Tammy (Angela Lansbury's neice) a long time ago. She and I had acted together in England, I think it was a TV show. In fact Peter Ustinov and I had done a play together called "Overheard" in the West End of London at a very pretty old theater whose name I can't remember. Ian Carmichael was also in the play and I had a very nice part as a Russian diplomat. Anyway, Tammy and I became pal in London, and when she came over to the USA to spend some time with her aunt, she invited me to their house for tea. Angela Lansbury must've had a word with her casting director because they offered me this part, which I was delighted to have because it was a very popular show and it was wonderful to work with her. The character was a nervous tax accountant and it's actually my brother who is just like that - very nervous and talks quickly. These shows are put together very quickly and this scene was shot in one day at a hotel on Wilshire Boulevard close to downtown Los Angeles. The crew had taken over a whole suite of rooms and this scene took about a couple of hours to shoot".