Hello, and thank you for taking the time to visit me, my world, and my little corner of the internet.
As you might imagine, I am incredibly busy with a variety of projects and I simply haven't had the time (nor the inclination, I might add), to develop the necessary skills and gain the necessary knowledge to create and maintain an internet site. Some time ago I was contacted by a gentleman named KEITH CHALLENGER who, along with a number of very talented colleagues, runs a company called BrandSouth (formerly 3ou.com) which is dedicated to helping businesses of all kinds get "online." To cut a long story short, I agreed to authorize Keith's company to create my website and in doing so, I also agreed to provide them with unique and original content (words and pictures), and to help with their merchandising efforts by personally autographing photos, CD's and copies of my book, My Life With Barbra: A Love Story.
I am delighted with the work that Keith and his team have done to get the site up and running.
You have my absolute guarantee that all autographs and other personalized items offered on this site are mine, and mine alone. I've seen and heard about unscrupulous people who claim to offer authentic autographs online--and don't--and I assure you that if you see something on this site with my name, or if you order signed merchandise, it came from me personally--period!
In the course of a long and varied career, I've been involved with many projects of which I'm profoundly proud. My work on Jesus Christ Superstar stands out as one which has brought me particular satisfaction and recognition. If you are a fan of this wonderful work, I encourage you to look around my site, download the photos if you wish, and e-mail your questions to me. I promise I'll answer them. If you receive correspondence from Keith Challenger or the staff at BrandSouth, you can rest assured that he is in constant contact with me, and when he replies that "Barry says..." then Barry really DID say it.
Finally, please help us to keep this site current and active. Let us know your thoughts and what kind of features you'd like to see, and of course, order lots of merchandise--my autograph finger is itching and I need to pay the bills :-) Yours sincerely,